Healthy Habits that will save your life.

Everyone wants to be healthy, no one want to be sick. When we are sick life is not easy, everything gets more difficult. Big part of the most common health issues nowadays are provoked by unhealthy habits, been in how we eat, what we do with our time, laziness, etc.

By changing or adopting good healthy habits, we can save our lives, have better years and live longer. Life is not made in a second, health is not build in a day, neither is destroyed in a day, it takes time and it takes good habits to keep it. Here I bring to you some healthy habits that will save your life.

1- A Salad a Day.

This might be the better tip on this list. Eating a salad a day can save your life for the amounts of benefits this means to your health. But this is how this habit works, you replace one of your meals for a salad, the bigger the better, it can be breakfast, lunch or dinner (preferably dinner or lunch).

You make a salad with only vegetables and fruits, nothing coming from the animal kingdom. You make that salad with a minimum of five ingredients, been the base of the salad any green leaf that you want, and the other ingredients as colorful as possible.

A simple example could be a salad with, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrot and onion. This one is very cheap and easy to prepare and will give you enough colors, hence, diversity of nutrients.

You can also make a blended salad and drink it instead of eating. In this case I won’t use onions. This is a nice way to make it for breakfast. An example could be: two cups of spinach, one cucumber, one cup of frozen berries, one tablespoon of flax seed meal all together with some water depending on how thick you like it.

The benefits of this healthy habits are:

  • Weight lose, because it lowers down your total calorie intake in a day.
  • Helps keep your body alkaline, thus, avoiding diseases that develop in an acidic environment.
  • It’s been proven that a lot of veggies and fruits have anti cancer, anti aging, anti oxidants properties, so this habit might also prevent a cancer to develop in you and will make you look younger.
  • Nourish your body to proper function of all systems and organs.

One more thing, use home made dressings, please don’t use commercial dressings, they are loaded with sugars and unhealthy ingredients. Instead, make you own dressing at home with vinegar, lime, pepper, salt, garlic powder, etc.

2- Rest Enough.

Resting enough is something that a lot of time is overlooked. If we could just realized how important is resting, we won’t see rest like a waste of time. Nowadays a lot of people are not sleeping enough, for several reasons, but regardless of the reason this is killing us slowly, sucking life out of our years.

Not resting enough affects our memory, our hormonal system, even the process of weight loss or muscle gaining, without appropriate rest we can’t do either or. Not resting also affect our focus, can make us easy irritable, cause slow thinking, can help you develop depression and anxiety.

So, try to sleep at least 7 hours every day, better if you can sleep 8. Even though the amount of sleep we need might vary depending on our activity level throughout the day, the normal is between 7 and 8 hours. Indeed, while doing a detox plan for 30 days, we were instructed to sleep 9 hours to maximize the effect of the detox.

The night I can’t sleep enough, the next day I experiment a change of mood and not for good. That day everything is more difficult, so not only I’m taking the issues of not resting in my body, but also I might not be as productive the next day, so I’m might be also losing opportunities of doing things.

There will be some days when you won’t be able to sleep enough, but please don’t deprive your body of sleep if you can, don’t stay up all night just watching TV or in the social medias, this is taking life out of you.

Some tips to sleep better are:

  • Get a good bed. This is crucial if you want to sleep good. Buying a good bed is not wasted money, but an inversion in your life. I personally spent a good amount of money to buy good beds in my house for everyone.
  • Don’t drink Alcohol or any other stimulant drinks nearby the hour of going to bed.
  • Regulate as much as possible the time you go to sleep. Your body will get used to it and it will be ready to shut down quickly when you lay down in bed at a regular hour.

3- Exercise Enough.

Making exercises, keep our body moving is crucial for a long healthy life. This doesn’t necessarily means you need to be in a Gym making cardio or lifting weights, it can also mean practicing any sport, walking a certain amount of distance per week, etc. But do it regularly.

Regular exercises will help us keep the bones’ density over the years, improve our posture and help us keep it as we age, help us to burn fat and lose weight, improve our insulin resistance, improve our joints and muscular health, improve our mood and energy.

In short, exercising gives life to your life, and improve your health overall. Actually, a sedentary lifestyle is considered a slow suicide.

4- Home made cheat meals.

This tip might not work for everyone, if you already eat very clean and healthy and don’t feel tempted by junk food, you might not need this one, but if you are going from time to time, or probably every weekend to buy any junk food to a fast food restaurant or a “Pizzeria”, or you think you won’t be able to stop eating these foods, or you love these foods, or even if you are transitioning to a healthy diet, then this is perfect for you.

Instead of going to a fast food restaurant to buy a hamburger, hot wings or fried chicken, do it at home. By doing this you will be able to satisfy the craving and at the same time you will have a healthier meal. We do this as a family on weekends, but read well we do a “cheat meal” not a “cheat day”.

Let me put a practical example here. One Saturday for lunch we made tortilla-less tacos. Meaning we have all the ingredients for tacos without the tortillas to wrap it, we made it in a bowl, and the predominant ingredient was lettuce, we had organic ground beef from ButcherBox, black beans, onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, a little of ricotta cheese and some sriracha.

This way we had a really yummy meal with half the calories, half the sodium, half the sugars, and double the nutrients. The same thing is if you do, let say hamburgers with fries at home, you can do it with better quality ingredients, half the calories, half the sodium, half the sugars, and double the nutrients. For instance, you would put the potatoes in the oven instead of frying them.

5- Eat the rainbow.

Our body is not made only of calories, we need a lot of different nutrients to live and be healthy. Every color in nature means different nutrients contained by the food.

For instance red foods are good for our heart and the circulatory system. Purple foods obtain their color from a flavonoid called anthocyanins that contains anti-inflammatory, antiviral and anticancer benefits of the whole body, and also have more nutrients that helps the respiratory system.

I think you can get the idea of this habit, try to get as many colors as you can in your foods so you can feed every system in your body, especially take a personal approach to what you know is your weakest part of your body or where have you suffer the most, for me it was the kidneys, so now I always make sure I have kidney friendly foods to my diet.

6- Switch Drinks.

The best liquid we can drink is water, without doubt, water is “the liquid”. Did you know that we can survive more time without eating vs without drinking water?

But water is not the only thing we drink, and there are drinks that we know we are drinking that we know we shouldn’t be drinking. Drinks that are full of sugars and chemicals that harm our bodies and just switching for healthier drinks can save us from type 2 diabetes, and other issues.

For instance lets take an example here a regular soda can contains 35 grams of sugar and 140 calories, if you drink just once per week this means that in a year you are consuming 4 pounds of sugars and 7,280 calories, just from the can of soda alone.

All those extra sugar and empty calories means a few pounds added to your body a year if you don’t get rid of that. Now imagine drinking a can of soda 3 times per week. That is too much. But you can avoid that extra calories and sugar just by switching your regular soda by a seltzer or sparkling water.

Replace every sugary drink that you are consuming for a healthier option, we usually don’t realize how much impact drinks can have in our health and our weight. Learn to drink your coffee with less sugar or with a healthier sweetener.


These are just some healthy habits that might save your life, give you better and healthier years in the time you’ll be in this earth. There are a lot more things you can do to stay healthy, like been social, have peace with God and everyone around you, do not store hate in your heart it kills you.

Also read this is you want to know how to introduce healthy foods in your diet.

I hope you learned something with these habits I wrote here for you, and hope it ignites also good ideas of things you can do, to stay healthier in life. If it did please let me know and others in the comments.

Do you have any other good tip or habit that can save our life in the long run? Please feel free to leave it in the comments below.

Author :
Hi, My Name is Guillermo and I'm a health and food enthusiast. Welcome to Health Food and Recipes, where you can take control back of your health.

6 thoughts on “Healthy Habits that will save your life.

  1. Hello Guillmero, great post on healthy habits. I try to consume as much salads as I can. Unfortunately, I suffer from insomnia from time to time, so I take sleeping meds to get 8 hours of sleep. I work out a lot, plus I drink a lot of water too. I try not to eat too much fast food, and more home cooked meals. Thanks again, and I wish you all of the success in the world!!!

    1. Hi Ahmad, thanks for passing by, I’m sorry to hear that you suffer from insomnia, I will later try to address that topic here in a post to see how I can help you and help others!

  2. Great post and really thorough!

    I love taco salad in a bowl and eat it often as a way to get lots of veggies and some tasty meat.

    Do you think it is more important to eat a variety of fruits and veg all year, even if they come from far away countries or do you think it is better to eat locally grown fresh foods only during their growing season?

    1. Welcome Irma, I’m glad you enjoyed it.
      That’s a great question and is something I think I should have mentioned in the corresponding section.

      If you can find enough variety of seasonal fruits and veggies is better to do it that way, because is more fresh and also they will help your body to get through the season. It’s not coincidence how, when and where fruits and veggies grow. And if they are local and organic even better.
      But also it is still better to eat out of season or imported than not eating at all, or eating too little.

      There are some fruits and veggies that grows all year round, and others that have different seasons in different parts of the world.

  3. Hello Guillmero, Thank you for your post on healthy habits. I think I should give this to my children to read because it resonates with me all the things I tell them about foods and exercise. I like your suggestions with cheats meals. I have a few of these myself for those busy days with the family calendar. Helpful and truthful reading.

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