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A Blender is an essential tool for our kitchens, we can do from shakes and smoothies to sauces and dips. Modern blenders are a multi function tool.

But having so many options it’s sometimes overwhelming to choose the right one. That’s why I present you my review of the Ninja Blender Intelli-Sense CT680SS. The Blender that blends Power, Security and Intelligence in a perfect budget.

Ninja Blender Intelli-sense CT680ss

Model: Ninja Intelli-sense CT680SS
Power: 1200 watts.
Vessels: 72oz Pitcher, 24oz single serve blender cup and an 8 cup processor bowl.

Special Features:

  • Touchscreen
  • Smart sensor base
  • 12 smart programs.
  • Smart Vessel recognition
  • Recipe guide.

Where to buy: Click Here to Amazon

The Ninja Intelli-sense blends power, versatility and technology in a budget.


I want to speak about this feature first because I believe is what really set apart this blender from others. This Ninja blender have a smart base with a touch screen. The smart base will recognize the vessel you are using and will give you a unique set of smart programs and will also adjust the power and speed for each vessel.

It has 12 different smart programs for every need plus two manual speeds and a pulse mode. In any speed or mode the blender is play and leave it alone except for the pulse mode, for obvious reasons.

The two manual speeds are low and high. When in High it will blend for one minute and it will turn off, and in low speed it will blend for two minutes. And of course you can stop it whenever you want, even in the preset programs. About the 12 programs, the base will recognize which vessel you are using and will give you the programs for that specific one.

With this intelligence build into this blender you can do more at a time, you can leave your smoothie blending while you go and do something else and it will be ready for you when you come back.


This blender feature a base with a 1200 watts motor. It very powerful motor, it will blend anything you need in a minute or less. I usually leave my smoothie for a whole minute in high speed, or use the smoothie preset and get a very smooth smoothie. With all this power you are very sure that it will break and blend almost anything you can think of to add to a smoothie, sauce or dip.


The noise is like most other powerful blenders, I wish it could be a little bit more silent, but I guess we will lose power. Anyways the noise might be more or less depending on the speed or the program you are using. Been used to have powerful blender, even though I wish it could be more silent I’m happy with it.


In terms of security the only thing dangerous are the knives, of course, they need to be sharp. Because it’s smart, it won’t show you any options to make it run if you don’t have any vessel on it. It will also know if the vessel is closed, cause it won’t go if they are not. I think in terms of security this blender is pretty safe.


The fact that you can take the knives out easily gives this blender an edge at the time of cleaning, making it easy. All the pieces but the base are dishwasher safe. Besides that, even if you don’t have a dishwasher you can see in the design that they tried to make it as easy as possible to clean. The way the pieces are made where taking in consideration cleaning time.


It’s mostly made of a very high quality plastic, BPA free. You don’t need to be afraid that the vessels are going to break if they fall. Also, they are not so heavy as glass vessels.

Other Features

It has a system to hold itself to the counter top or table, So it won’t be jumping around and dancing the Macarena all over your counter top or table while you are making your smoothie. Actually of you want to move it to another place you will need to hold it with both hands and pull 2 pulls so it will release. I love this feature.

It shows the time running in the screen, this is nice if you are doing something that requires a certain amount of time. That way you can know the perfect timing for some of your salsas or smoothies.


This is one of my favorite tool in my kitchen, is my faithful partner for the morning smoothie and for our home made salsas. We also do oat flour for healthy bakery at home, and more, and it works wonderful. I even was surprised when the other day I wanted to make a cauliflower rice.

I put my food processor vessel added the cauliflower and just pressed one button “chop”, 30 seconds later I had a perfect chopped cauliflower rice, ready to be cooked. Check the picture below


I believe the Ninja Intelli-sense blender is a perfect equilibrium between quality and price. Is a long-lasting blender. If your budget for a blender is around 200 dollars this is the best blender you can get for you money.

If you are interested in getting this blender you can get it here.

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4 thoughts on “Ninja Blender Intelli-Sense Review | Power meets Intelligence

  1. Hi Guillermo. I love your review on the Ninja Blender Intelli-Sense, sounds like an incredible machine that is well worth purchasing. I have a cheap blender at home and I tried to make the cauliflower rice you mention in your article. Unfortunately it liquified it, so I had to make it into a soup. I definitely want the model you show here. Thanks Jim

    1. Hi Jim, thanks for passing by. I also had bad experience not getting the results I wanted, that’s why I was so surprised of how good the cauliflower rice came out. It is real worth it. I honestly don’t see the need of buying a very expensive blender having this one at home.

  2. Hi Guillermo,

    Blenders are getting better and better! It might be time for me to invest in a new one as my current blender is a generic one with few functions. Thanks for the review!


    1. Hi Branden, thanks for passing by. Yes, Blender like this are more than a simple blender, they are multitasking and save you time and space in your kitchen!

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