Reduce Food Waste at Home | 5 Tips

Previously I wrote about how to eat healthy on a budget. But what you do after applying those tips with any leftover or any piece of food that you regularly don’t use? Here is a few tips to take the maximum advantage of the leftovers and that Broccoli Stalk you throw away.

1- Make a Broth

My first tip here is to take all the pieces of vegetables (and bones if you want). Those small pieces of onions that we don’t use, the Broccoli Stalk, cauliflower stem and leaves, those pieces of celery and any other part of the foods we don’t usually use.

Put them all in a big pot, add water until cover all the veggies make sure to add some onion, garlic and herbs, bring to boil then lower down the fire and cover the top, and leave it at least 2 hours.


2- For the Herbs

We all like to use fresh herbs, but usually we end up throwing out part of herbs because we don’t use it all before they get ruined.

So I learn a trick to preserve them for longer time, you chopped them and put them into an ice cube tray add a little olive or coconut oil, and freeze it, this way you’ll have a flavor cube to season your foods.

You can also add any spices to the cube to have even a better prepared flavor cube. The ice cube trays that I like are those made of silicone and BPA free like this one, cause they are easier to take out and good for the environment and for you without the dangers of the BPA.


3- Freeze it!

Do you have that pint of strawberry that you only ate half of it and they are getting bad already, chop them and freeze them, use it for smoothies. The same is applicable to others fruits and veggies.

Freezing is a great technique to keep things fresh for longer time.

I also freeze bananas if they are getting to ripped and use them for smoothies.


4- Make a delicious “Chow fan”

If you cook every day a different type of meat, and every day remain left over of meat, you can put it in the freezer and on weekends make a delicious Chow fan with it!

Combine, rice left over meat, veggies and some seasonings like Bragg Liquid Aminos which is a better option for most common soy sauces out there.

If you don’t know what a chow fan is, here is an example of a recipe. Even though this is not made with leftovers, but you can easily replace the meat with your leftover meat. You can get the idea on how to do it from that recipe.

5- Sneak it grate and blend.

One more thing I like to do is to take anything that can be grated or chopped very small, and added to certain dishes. For example, when cooking rice I can shred some broccoli stalk to it, this will enhance the rice nutrition and it will be imperceptible to the taste.

Also, for the rice I like to grate carrots into it, it tastes delicious!

Things like, beets carrots, broccoli, radish, zucchini, ginger and more can be grated with a good grater, you can find manual graters and electrics.

I’ll give you one tip here to grate vegetable that are not so hard. Freeze them, yes! freeze them and when they are freeze already you can grate them easily.

You can also take those vegetables parts you don’t use and blended all with a little bit of water, and added to soups, grounded meat and anything you can think of.


Eating healthy is a must if we want to live a good and long life, no one likes to be sick, but sometimes it can be a little expensive to eat healthy, that’s why I gave you this tips to help you save some money by avoiding food waste, cause every time we throw out food we waste money we spent on food.

If you have any tip that will help others to avoid food waste, please share it with us in the comments! I hope these tips has helped you.





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